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Monday, September 10, 2012

DCruz Sallu

DCruz Sallu

refused to work in Wanted the Hindi version of Telugu hit Pokiri and thus lost the chance to work with bollywods bhai, Salman Khan. But now the gorgeous actress is hoping to work with him.
She said I was approached for the remake of Pokiri in Tamil and Hindi. I did Pokiri in Telugu, which did a huge business. I take the offer of Pokiri in Hindi, which was titled Wanted, as I felt I was not prepared enough to enter Bollywood.
“It was not that I didn’t want to do the film,hat I t want to do it half-heartedly. I missed an opportunity to work with Salman Khan in Wanted. But no regret as I feel Barfi! is the perfect launch for me. But I am really happy that ‘Wanted’ did well. I would love to work with Salman Khan in the near fut added Ileana.kio


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